Xradia versa XRM500


The Xradia versa XRM500 is a CT tomography machine. Its mecanism consists of Xrays that generates voltage from 30 to 160kv, used to image samples and create reference images and includes an X ray source filter holder. Detector assembly that picks up Xray images of the samples.

Key Features:

Sample Stage: Platform upon which sample mounted on a sample holder, is secured and positioned for microscopy.

Detector Assembly: It has one macro lens and a turret

• Macro lens(i.e.0.39X)is a lower magnification lens used for FOV
• Turret consits of : 1x,4x,20x and 40x

Scount and control System: Software used for mounting and scanning the images

Reconstruction Software: It consits of XRM3Dviewer, XM reconstructor, XM controller

Avizo: It is a 3D data visualization, analysis and modelling system. It allows you to explore and analyze data sets from various area:

• Scientific Visualization
• Material Sciences
• Computer Aided Engineering, Computational Filed Dynamics, Numerical Solution
• Climate, Oceanography, Environment Etc..,