• High brightness Schottky field emitter gun 

• High tension from 60 to 300 kV (60, 80, 120, 200, 300 kV)
• Goniometer Tilt range ± 40 degrees
• Low-background Double-tilt Holder
• Gatan UltraScan 4000 P camera
• EDAX detector with 
 large solid angle for X-ray collection provided by four SDD detectors symmetrically arranged around the specimen. with high measured X-ray count rates over a tilt range from –25° to +25°,
• HAADF detector

• On axis triple DF1/DF2/BF detectors

• Resolution 0.2 nm or better at 300 kV TEM mode
• Future retrofit of Electron gun monochromator for high energy resolution in EELS 
with symmetric energy distribution in zero-loss peak and improved 
spatial resolution, especially at low kV HR-S/TEM 

• Future retrofit of a CS-corrector 
 to provide resolution Better than 0.08 nm at 300 kV in the STEM mode
• Future retrofit of an advanced EELS system