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AFMM invites the materials community from academia, government and private R&D laboratories and corporate entities situated both in India and abroad to use its facilities.

Hourly use

Our facilities can be used on a per hour basis, with a trained operator who will run the microscope for you. You have to send us a request indicating what type of and how many samples you wish to examine in our facilities, and the kind of analysis you require. We will indicate to you how these samples have to be prepared and provide an estimate of the time that will be required to carry out your work. Time slots will be provided in consultation with you. Charges for per hour of use are indicated under the user charges tab on the main menu.

Long term Use

You may wish to use our facilities on a long-term basis. It is possible that you already have operators trained to use an electron microscope. In such cases you may write to us indicating the time period for which you wish to use our facilities with a description of the materials you wish to analyze. We will then enter into discussion with you to understand your needs and enter into an agreement with you on the modalities of use.

Research Collaborations

We also encourage those who perceive the necessity of electron microscopy in their research on a long-term basis, but do have the expertise and infrastructure, to consider research collaborations with us. In these cases, we will identify a faculty member who will work with you on a collaborative mode. Charges for the use of our facilities under such collaboration will be decided based on the nature of analyses required. Such research agreements may also consider the training of your students and staff to use our microscopes as part of the research agreement.

Please send a mail to office@afmm.iisc.ernet.in. We will consider your proposal in a weekly user meeting and respond to you.