FEI ESEM Quanta 200


The FEI ESEM Quanta 200 is a versatile scanning electron microscope with three imaging modes. The “high vacuum mode” (HV) is a conventional SEM mode with the need of conventional specimen preparation. In the “low vacuum mode” (LV) electrically non conductive samples can be imaged without the need of a conductive layer (e.g. carbon, gold etc.). Additionally in the “ESEM mode” (ESEM) wet samples can be investigated in their “natural” state.

Key Features:

  • Seamless "point and click" transition between imaging modes.
  • Low vacuum and low kV imaging.
  • Simultaneous secondary electron (SE) and backscattered electron (BSE) imaging in LV
  • It is also equipped with analytical system, such as energy dispersive spectrometer with
  • an ultra thin window detector (EDAX).
  • True surface (SE) imaging in all vacuum modes and voltages.
  • Easy-to-use, four quadrant/single quadrant user interface.