The Electron Probe Microanalyzer(EPMA) is used for identification  of constituent elements in the specimen and study their distribution as well as for morphological observation. Analyses are performed by illuminating the specimen surface with a finely focussed electron beam and measuring the wavelengths and intensities of characteristic electrons from it.


  • 5 spectrometer channels with a total of 10 crystals.
  • Detectable element range  5B to 92U
  • Detectable wavelength range (WDS) - 0.087 to 9.3nm
  • Energy resolution EDS - 129eV
  • Source - LaB6 (replaceable with W-filament)
  • Acc.Voltage: 1 to 30 kV (0.1 kV steps) 
  • Scanning Magnification: X 40 to 300.000 (W.D.11mm) 
  • Probe current: 1x10-12 to 1x10-5 A 
  • Probe Current stability: ±0.05%/h, ±0.3%/12h 
  • Secondary electron image resolution (SEI): 5.0 nm (WD11mm, 30 kV) 
  • ackscattered electron image (BEI) : Topography and composition image