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Research interests

The Evolution of Microstructure in Gallium Nitride films

This research programme is in collaboration with Prof. Raghavan (Materials Research Centre, IISc), DMRL and SSPL, and will use the facilities for MOCVD that are currently being set up by him to examine nucleation and growth of gallium nitride and related mechanisms of defect generation on various substrates and buffer layers.  

Microstructure evolution and creep of cast Ni base superalloys

This programme is being carried in collaboration with Dr. S. Karthikeyan(Department of Materials Engineering, IISc), Niranjan Das and Dr. R. Balamuralikishnan (DMRL Hyderabad). The programme aims at understanding the role of Re and Ru in cast Nickel base superalloys starting with the as solidified structure , microsegregation, homogenisation, gamma/gamma prime distribution, morphologies and misfits, alloy partitioning, TCP phase formation and extending to creep behaviour.    

Structure and Creep of Titanium Alloys

The evolution of the globular alpha structure starting from widmanstatten laths and the simultaneous recovery/recrystallisation of the beta phase in titanium alloys starting from solidification through thermomechanical processing, and associated texture and microtexture, is being examined together with Prof. Satyam Suwas(Department of Materials Engineering, IISc). Our other research programmes in titanium are examining creep mechanisms in titanium at relatively low temperatures, particularly in domain of dynamic strain aging, in collaboration withDr. S. Karthikeyan.  

High Temperature Shape memory Alloys

We are in the process of developing research programmes that will explore the variety of effects that are likely to influence shape memory behaviour at high temperatures with Dr. Subir Bhowmik of National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR). Out initial studies will focus on alloying additions that enhance transformation temperatures in Ni-Ti alloys and their effects on phase stability, and martensite structure.  


The Stability and Mechanical behaviour of Concentrated Alloys

Along with Prof. K Chattopadhyay (Department of Materials Engineering, IISc), we are examining the structure and properties of complex ternary eutectics in Ni and Ti based ternary systems, as well as of concentrated alloy comprising fcc, bcc and hcp structures and their ordered forms.