AFM- Atomic Force Microscope:


JPK Instruments, NanoWizardR 3 AFM is a non-destructive technique that provides a 3-D surface profile and can be used to image almost any kind of sample including biological and polymer samples.

General Features:

The JPK nano wizard Atomic Force Microscope can be used for imaging samples in:     

  • Contact mode
  • Intermittent contact mode
  • Tapping mode and for determining force-distance curves using

Sample Specifications:

  • Sample should be desiccated 24 hours prior to the slot

  • Sample should be as flat as possible and mounted on the glass slide

  • Sample size max: 1cm X 1cm X 1cm


For using special modes such as determination of mechanical properties, force spectroscopy, conductive mode etc., please consult Prof. Ashok Raichur to know if the sample is suitable to be analyzed on this machine.